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Welcome to Smegworld, not much happens here. There's just the usual cheese acretion, but apart from that it's not very interesting. Since the Chimps buggered up Battlezone, we dont play it any more. We tried, but modern firewalls just wont let it happen.

It was a laff tho and it was fun while it lasted. On the bright side tho, we made a lot of friends and we still keep in touch. A lot of the Smeggies have defected to the Knights that say Ni, who are into CS and CoD. There's a link at the bottom if you want to visit.

My son is growing up now and it's unlikely that I'll ever create anything as wide-ranging as Smegworld again, but thanks to all those who came along.

Click here if you want the Fora.

Click here if you want the old BZ stuff.

Click here if you want the Knights that say Ni site.

Click here if you want a pointless error message. Cheers